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Increasing retention through the promotion of flexible employment in Defence

We helped our client increase retention of members through a marketing campaign that has delivered a 27% increase in members returning to the organisation through flexible employment.

Branding and graphic design

Marketing campaign strategy



Increase in returning members

We targeted potential employees and hiring managers through a segmented communication campaign to educate and generate interest.
To break down the barriers of participation in the program we defined the pain points and blockers of each audience and mapped the key benefits to develop tailored messaging.
To increase awareness of the program we created a visual identity that leveraged the overarching brand and would resonate with our audiences.

To make the program more accessible we made the content and information clear, simple, and easy to find.

We used a mix of marketing channels and formats across digital and print to reach audiences and engage their interest.

“Working with RD Consulting … has been exceptional due to the strategic vision, diversity of thought and ability to deliver marketing and communications with a bespoke approach.”