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Presenting with Impact

When you present with impact, people listen, and remain captivated. Being comfortable with public speaking is a good asset, but making a lasting impact with audiences is a brilliant one.

Have you ever seen a perfectly planned and prepared  presentation crumble at the final hurdle, because of lacklustre delivery?

It’s a harsh reality and can quicky undo your hard work. Even worse, it could damage your personal brand or the reputation of your organisation.  

Presenting with Impact is interactive and supportive training with plenty of on-the-spot learning and instant analysis from the very beginning. You’ll soon master how to take part in internal discussions, speak to thousands, or convey your message to camera. This training will develop essential communication skills for any type of presentation. You will learn how to structure your message, use body language and vocal tone, and engage your audience. Don’t just speak. Do it with impact.  


Our training packages can be customised to suit your needs and reflect your organisation/team goals and objectives. A pre-training consultation will be arranged to better understand your requirements and deliver a training package to suit your needs. 

  • Baseline – where is your current ability? 
  • Science – why we get anxiety and stage fright. 
  • Opening – grab your audience from the first word and ‘break their guessing machine’. 
  • Unprepared – the emergency pitch in your back pocket.  
  • Art – the right inflections, emphasis, and phrasing to bring presentations to life.  

What to expect

Our Presenting with Impact training will teach you to do so with impact, professionalism and style. Our expert team has decades of experience and is ready to share tips and tricks with you. By the end of the course, you’ll know how to make the most of any presentation to a group, team, crowd, or in front of the camera.

Who should attend?

  • Team leaders within government. 
  • Corporate leaders in charge of big teams.  
  • Team members looking to gain confidence when speaking.

Duration: Can be tailored to a full-day or half-day sessions.

Location: The RD Training Hub in Dickson, Canberra.

Attendees: Our training can cater for groups from 4 – 30 people and can be negotiated based on requirements, duration and location.

Inclusions: Training materials, Catering, Free Parking (RD Training Hub) in Dickson, Canberra.


Upon completion you will:

  • walk away with techniques to present with confidence  
  • have a better understanding of anxiety and how to overcome it before presenting  
  • see effective examples you can implement in your own work environment 
  • finish the training with reusable content.
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