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Showcasing the potential of emerging technology through video storytelling

Our client was conducting live demonstrations and scenarios of new and emerging technologies. Our challenge was to develop a video product that captured the live demonstration and told the story of the potential of the technology to a broad audience. We coordinated the video capture of three important client projects, working closely with multiple stakeholders, within stringent safety guidelines, to create genuinely impactful media.

Video production

Marketing campaign strategy


To ensure we captured the story and narrative, we worked closely with our client to develop the creative direction of the video and carefully plan the logistics.
We used ground-based and aerial components in a rural environment to capture all aspects of the live technology demonstration.
As an Australian first, we worked with public safety authorities to operate camera vehicles alongside an autonomous vehicle convoy.
We broke down complex technical messages and supported our client to gain national media exposure, airing on four national evening and breakfast news channels.

“Without the support of RD to realise our vision, the reach of our demonstration would have been only those present at the time. Through the narrative development journey and with a mix of virtual and live video, our story not only came to life but also has reached many more audiences across Australia and internationally.”