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Pioneering a leading podcast for Defence

We helped our client to lead industry conversations and reach new audiences through the creation of a podcast that is now achieving results in the top 25% globally.

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Audio production

Marketing campaign

Sound design

Audience research

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To secure support from the executive team, we helped our client develop a compelling business case to highlight the communication opportunity and benefits.
To generate interesting conversations and topical debate we researched and tailored a program of guest interviews from diverse disciplines and backgrounds.
To engage new audiences, we planned a marketing campaign reaching more than 2 million people in six months and benchmarking the podcast series into the top 25% of global podcasts.
Through audience research and data analysis we continuously reviewed and enhanced the reach and quality of the podcast.

The amount of additional content that could be generated to the betterment of Defence from the podcast series needs to be embraced. The ability to inform military members, industry and the entire defence enterprise [of our work] is an opportunity not to be missed.