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Engaging the next generation of quantum thinkers

We pulled together a team of our in-house experts to deliver a Quantum Next Generation Challenge that helped to drive greater participation in Australia’s quantum industry. With only six weeks lead time, we built a visual identity, developed code, planned the challenge event, and implemented a marketing campaign that attracted a record number of participants.

Branding and graphic design

Marketing campaign strategy


Event management


Web design

Drawing from the vision of a leading quantum physicist, we created an interactive online platform that resonated with, and challenged, the next generation of quantum thinkers.
Our marketing campaign leveraged innovative channels, targeted specific audiences, and increased participation.
We used gamification techniques, including a real-time simulator, website dashboard and online events, to maintain participant engagement.
We facilitated a virtual ‘pitch fest’ to showcase challenge solutions, providing opportunities for participants to further their quantum careers working alongside Defence.

The RD team did an excellent job delivering the Quantum Next Generation Challenge over the last two years. They collaborated seamlessly with my own team, met deadlines and provided next level ICT, events management and marketing to spread the word and attract bright minds from across Australia to participate. I very much enjoyed working with them.”