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Driving digital adoption of a new platform in a government department

Our digital adoption strategy for a large federal government department is set to grow platform use by 150%, speeding up issue resolution and reducing reliance on overburdened, previous-gen systems.

Change management

Digital transformation



Increased platform use

To improve adoption of the new digital platform we undertook research, interviewed 27 stakeholders and sought feedback on the barriers and blockers to adoption.

We mapped the current state of our client’s service delivery elements – covering people and culture, processes and systems – to assess effectiveness and current performance against key objectives.

We identified existing system gaps and analysed industry and global standards to ascertain a desired end state for the client’s platform.
We created and presented our digital adoption strategy, including a communications and channel strategy, UX and design reviews of the platform, metrics and a roadmap to facilitate implementation.

“We are really happy with how the strategy has come together. The roadmap details the work we need to do and its sequencing. Tracking the metrics will allow us to adjust our focus so we can reach our target.”