Why aren’t you being social on social media?

Once upon a time, in ye olde 2005, marketers were solid writers with above average grammar skills. The marketers of choice could pump out a media release, a DL flier and the ‘About us’ page of the website in the same month.


Welcome to 2020, where the world demands and expects marketers who are first class writers and also exceptional storytellers. Oh, and they need to be able to operate in real-time.

We know Australians are spending six hours a day on their phones, and four hours of that time on Facebook alone. If you’re not in the ‘authentic, behind-the-scenes, creative’ game of content marketing, you’re dead (or probably still listening to the same marketing manager you had in ‘05).

Please don’t share ‘Staff profiles’ and ‘Case studies’ on social media. Don’t talk about how good you are at what you do. And if you tell me there’s a discount on one of your services for the entire month of June, I’ll unfollow you faster than we all became Zoom experts in March.

Here are my top three tips for plucking out the fascinating, and truly shareable stories that are happening right in front of your eyes in your business.

1. What’s the first thing you’d tell a friend in the pub about your day?

If you met your best friend for a drink after work, what’s the first thing you’d tell them about your day? ‘We just hired a brilliant new bloke in HR and he drinks Tooheys Old so that’s a win’ ‘Today we had our first Zoom meeting where we weren’t looking up someone’s nose’ or ‘We knew today would be a shocker so we pumped Beyonce while we had coffee this morning to get everyone inspired’. Those are exactly the things you should post on social media.

2. If people are talking about it for longer than 5 minutes at a BBQ or at work, it’s a story.

Are people fascinated about a specific aspect of your business? Listen to the questions people ask when you tell them about your business or what you do. Every question is solid gold content for social media. ‘How did you come up with that idea?’ ‘How does the meat stay inside the pastry?’ ‘There’s no way you’ll be able to scale that – is there?’

3. When writing a social media post, ask yourself, ‘Would I share this?’

If you think your own content’s boring, guess what? So will everyone else. Write the kind of posts you’d love to read. Better yet, write the kind of content that you would share. You’ll be bloody uncomfortable at first but your social media engagement and reach will absolutely skyrocket.

Bree Element is a strategic communications lead at RD Consulting and the editor of her own Canberra-based pop culture website, C! News.

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