Adrienne CoxJunior Consultant

Areas of Expertise
  • Website Development/Wordpress
  • Marketing Management
  • Social Media
  • Research and Writing
  • Scribing
  • Editing
  • Reserve Design
  • Knowledge on Asia-Pacific Security, War Studies, and Gender and Politics
  • Australian National University
    Bachelor of Conservation Biology; Bachelor of Political Science and International Security Studies (On-Going)
    Certificate II, French; Certificate I Information Technology

Adrienne has recently begun her career as a consultant. Prior to RD Consulting, she has worked for Generation Alliance on the Canberra City Renewal Project. Adrienne also holds experience in marketing, previously working as a marketing assistant and website editor at an elite independent boarding school in the United Kingdom.

Adrienne holds high levels of quality control, critical thinking, consistency, and an ability to work under pressure. In the workplace, she enjoys cooperating and working with others and being challenged by new projects. She is well-versed in using Microsoft, as well as computing platforms such as Stata. Aside from marketing and consultancy work, Adrienne holds a history of working in highly innovative and leading hospitality. This required creativity, and high levels of customer service and engagement.

Currently studying Political Science and International Security Studies at the Australian National University, Adrienne believes she offers fresh ideas and perspectives, as well as an ability to capture complex issues, communicating them to different audiences.

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