How to Improve the Communication Within Your Organisation

Written by Madeline Bonfini

Productivity issues, duplication of work, resource management and contradictory messaging are all frustrating and unfortunately common issues within a lot of workplaces.

At RD Consulting, we provide expert advice in Change Management and the first thing we look to address is the internal communication structures.
Personally, I spend a lot of my time currently working within a section of the Australian Army and with such a big organisation, communication across different areas is crucial.

Whether it be some of our bigger clients such as Army or medium to small local businesses, there are reoccurring themes that I have seen over the last few years that take place. However, each workplace will have their own individual challenges and tailor-made solutions.

Traditionally a lot of information starts at those higher up in the organisation and it is solely up to them to filter everything down to those at the bottom. However, most of the time not all the information that needs to be communicated is filtered down so top end management can see these issues but those lower down are unable to see the problem as clearly.

At RD Consulting we experiment and implement potential solutions within our own organisation before suggesting them to our clients. Here are our three top recommendations that can quickly improve internal communication within your organisation.

1. Use Slack

One of the best tools we implemented for our organisation was the program Slack. Everything is sectioned into different projects so if you receive a notification in that group, you know that it’s work related and more specifically, related to a certain project. It’s quick and easy to communicate with individual staff or a small group, rather than sending emails.

For Government organisations, GovTeams and Microsoft Teams are great programs to use for the same results.

2. Begin a Regular Stand Up

Whether it’s daily or weekly, a regular stand up meeting is an incredibly important tool that can be implemented in the workplace. We run ours for 15 minutes, whether it’s our Project Leads or those within a team catching up. This can take place in person or via video call. This isn’t a social chat but touching base to make sure people are coping well with current tasks, letting them talk about any potential issues or delays and setting tangible goals. From there, a manager can take initiative and catch up with individuals as needed.

3. Implement a Project Management Tool

Finding and implementing a Project Management tool that is right for your organisation and the way you work is a good way to indirectly communicate what has been achieved and what is still in process. At RD Consulting, we use Asana tasks lists and Trello boards which everyone can access but can also be displayed on screens in the office. It’s a way of people being accountable to their team and also provides the individual a way to communicate with their manager to talk their tasks.

We’ve found that by using these three simple tools our communication when everyone was in the office was effective and it set us up for success when the majority of staff have been working remotely.

If you wish to find out more about how RD Consulting can improve internal communication within your workplace, please send me an email at