Anstie’s Hustle in Pursuit of Success

Michael Jordan was an inspiration to millions of people around the globe and a young Colin Anstie was just one of those impacted by the six-time NBA Champion.

Having played and watched basketball while growing up, being able to see Jordan ply his trade for the Chicago Bulls taught Anstie what was required to fulfil his potential.

“Growing up I did spend 20 years playing basketball,” Anstie said. “There’s a Michael Jordan documentary out at the moment which I really love.

“The elements of that are the intensity, the push, the drive and the motivation to be the best at your craft.”

Having started his professional career working in telecommunications, Anstie launched RD Consulting as he felt he could make a real difference in the world.

“I really want to make a difference, I really want to change the lives of individuals,” Anstie said. “Giving them more satisfaction, more success, feeling success in their life, feeling confident, strong and ultimately happy.

“Over the last few years at RD, our focus has become a lot more on organisations, which is really just a collection of individuals.

“Previously we worked a lot with individuals, like single managers or chief marketing officers but now it is really like teams of 22 people to help them find success in their roles and in their organisations.”

And for the lessons a young Colin Anstie took from Michael Jordan? They are still serving him today.

“That period of my life really taught me that every day is a school day. You’re always learning, you never stop.”