Adjusting content in the new normal

As the NRL became the first Australian professional sport to relaunch, millions of fans tuned in to watch the action.

The NRL and its stakeholders were presented with an unprecedented opportunity with new audiences from around the globe tuning in due to a major gap in the live sport market.

With the fundamental change of no fans allowed inside stadiums, they needed to be agile to capitalise.

Fake crowd noise was introduced to the broadcast to great effect as tighter camera shots and the ebbs and flows of crowd noise provided a familiar product for existing fans, while new fans saw a game full of intensity and passion.

Having experienced the round with no crowds before the pandemic halted the competition, it felt as though there wasn’t much at stake during the match.

As content and products face fundamental shifts due to the COVID-19 pandemic, producing the product in the same way doesn’t mean that you are going to achieve the same results.

With a large change, organisations need to be agile in their thinking to cater to audiences that are interacting and engaging with content in a new way.

For the NRL broadcasters, they adapted their product quickly and had tangible results.

Jon Kroiter is a communications specialist at RD Consulting.

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